I’ve told my son that I’m giving him full freedom to study- he doesn’t have to study in the afternoon and work in the evening. I’ve told him that once he passes his exams; his life will be sorted. Now, if he starts working with the Maharashtra government, he’ll get about 40-50 thousand rupees as his salary.

I’m not forcing him at all, have told him the reality of private sector.

15-20 hazaar rupay milta hai private sector mai. Aur government mai ek baar lag gya, toh rashtrapati ko bhi allowed nahi hai tumko nikalne ka.

[Nowadays, one gets just 15-20 thousand rupees in a private sector job. And once you’re appointed with the government, even President isn’t allowed to chuck you out.]

 My son is in the third year of BMS right now, once that gets completed, I’ll make him sit at home and ask him to just prepare for his exams.

He’ll sit and eat and just study.


Shyam Mane, Rickshaw Driver, Mumbai (Photograph with permission)

My sister’s son did Polytechnic diploma after 10th class in Pune. Every month, his parents would give him 10-15 thousand rupees for his expenditure.

Usne itna mehnat kia na, ki teen saal mai hi government ka exam clear kar liya. Fir Professor ke liye apply kia. Phir kuch esa esa karte karte, ek hi saal mai teen jagah pass ho gya.

[He did a lot of hard work; in three years he cleared few government jobs. Then he applied as a Professor. After that he kept doing something or the other, now in one year, he got selected in three positions]

 He took a job at the Mantralaya – now he gets a salary of Rs 48000, and in entire Maharashtra- his four-wheeler doesn’t have to pay tax of any kind.

Ab wo mamuli aadmi nahi hai- government ka aadmi hai na. [Now he’s no more a normal individual, he’s the Government’s employee]

 What I’m trying to say is that education pays a bit late, but when it does, it’s beautiful.

Nowadays, children enjoy doing time pass in name of studies and schooling.They don’t understand how much they can enjoy once they are settled.

Padhayi ki samay padhayi hi hona chahiye. Usme agar ruke na toh usnme galat ho jaega.

Bolte hain na, ek maen ke andar do talwar nahi reh sakti – maen, matlab jisme talwar rekhte hain. Ek mai do nahi ja sakte na, kyu?
[During the time of studies, one should always focus on studies. If one stops there, then he commits a wrong.
They say, in one sword holder, only one sword can stay- in one holder, we can’t put two, right?]

 Waise hi agar bologe padhayi ki samay mauj masti bhi krunga, ladki bhi ghumaunga, maze bhi krunga toh padhayi nahi ho sakti na.

Ek time par ek hi cheez honi chahiye.
Mera bada bhai ne padhte padhte ek nursing staff ki ladki se affair kiya, us ladki ke chakkar mai school nai gya, padhayi nai kia- fir kya, fir wo fail ho gaya, fail ho gaya toh use nikal diya. Karte karte uska life bardaad ho gaya. Abhi kya hai na, chota mota naukri karte hain, par padh likh kr officer banna tha toh alag baat hoti.

[Just like that, if one says that he will study and side by side be very playful, roam around with girls, would enjoy, then he can never study.

One thing at a time.
My elder brother had an affair with a girl of nursing staff while he was studying, because of the girl, he stopped going to the school- didn’t study- then what, then he failed. When he failed, he was thrown out of the school. Doing this just spoilt his life. Now, he does some menial work here and there, but if he had studied then he would have been some officer today. How great would that be!]

No if a boy has studied from an English medium school, and he’s doing housekeeping work in a hospital, then what is the use?

Samajh aa jaega ki usne education ka fayda nahi uthaya, education ke samay usne enjoy kia. 

[One will understand that he’s not taken advantages of education.]

Every morning, I start from my house at about 7 o clock. I go to the hospital, take my rickshaw along, and park it there. I do housekeeping work at the hospital. Once that gets over, I get free at around 3 pm and then rush home. After that I start my rickshaw.

I am employed in the hospital on the basis of a contract. Till the contract goes on, I’m happy, and for later days, I anyway have my rickshaw. I’ve been working in the hospital for nearly three years now. Till I receive my salary, what’s the harm in letting it go on?

Ab apna gaadi hai, permit apna hai, agar theek time dega na gaadi par toh maano kam se kam 30,000 rupaya kahin nahi gya. Time dega toh. 

Wo bolte hain na pitch par tike rahega toh score banega, hai ki nai? Ab tum agar pitch ke upar tikenge hi nahi, toh tumhara kya hoga?

[This is my own vehicle; I have my own permit, if one works diligently, then one will definitely receive a minimum of Rs 30,000. Now if one doesn’t give enough time, then just like they say, without sustaining on the pitch how will you make the score? Now, if you’re not able to sustain on the pitch, what will happen to you? ]

Ye jo humari gaadi hai na, ye hmari doodh dene wali gai hai- isko acche se paalo posho, isko khilao, iske upar time do, toh tumko accha reply degi.

[This Rickshaw is like a milking cow for us, rear it with effort, make it eat properly, give it time, then it will give you a good reply]