I’ve been in Mumbai since I was four years of age. My father had a buffalo shelter in Trombay, supplying milk all over. I’ve studied till class seven here itself, however, didn’t have any interest to continue it further.
We have four shops here in Mumbai, we sell milk and sweets.

I have four kids, while one is giving exams of BA Final; the other is in 12th class. Rest two, like me, dropped out of school soon, and started working in our shops.

We have a lot of land in our village in Benares. There’s so much poverty out there till today.

We’ve given half of our land to the village people. To the ones who have nothing for them – we’ve made an effort to give them a space where they can earn and eat.

In that too, I’ve built no specific rent structure, whatever these people can give, they give. If they’re not able to earn much, we don’t force them to give anything.

I was detected with Sugar a few years back, since then, have reduced driving rickshaw. Now I drive only for 4 hours, two in the morning and two in the evening.