29-year-old Dinesh Kumar Jaiswal brings forth the underlying aspirations and dreams of every individual.

“Time hi nahi milta yahan. Pehle kaam phir ghar. Yahan kisi ke paas samay hi nahi hai.

 Mumbai se accha hai gaon. City se accha hai gaon. Wahan kam kaam krunga tab bhi khana kha skta hun, yahan kon khilayega?

[We don’t get extra time here. First work then home, nobody has extra time here.
Our village is better than Mumbai. Our village is better than a city. There, even if I work less, I’ll manage to fetch food, who will feed me here?]”


Dinesh Kumar Jaiswal, 29, Rickshaw Driver, Mumbai

Sometimes talking to a stranger makes you feel so good, right? You can even tell them about how you hate your work and are continuously struggling with your dreams.

And I like how it makes me feel lighter.


We had 3 cloth shops in my hometown in Benaras that were inherited from my grandfather. My father and uncles had a dispute, all got separated, and everything was eaten away.

That’s why I’ve come to earn in Mumbai.

We’re Baniyas by caste- my grandfather always taught us to earn by using our brains and not just by working hard.

That’s why I don’t like driving this rickshaw.

I usually don’t say this, but I hate driving this auto rickshaw every single day.

I wish to go back and open a shop of our own; one day I’m going to do that.


Dinesh Kumar Jaiswal, 29, Rickshaw Driver, Mumbai